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If you don’t think your smile is the first thing people notice…

If you don’t think your smile is the first thing people notice…make sure you look at the pictures first and then read the bit at the end – very clever, Colgate, and so true.

Colgate has created a very ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss. The campaign attained its purpose, proving that food remaining on your teeth draws more attention than a physical defect. Brush & floss those awkward stares away.

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Here’s A Powerful Visual For You …

Rethink Your Drink

The amount of sugar in some of our every day beverages in not something we often think about. This visual is trying to change that. There are many displays and even science projects popping up all over the world encouraging people everywhere to “Rethink Your Drink”. Not only is excess sugar horrible for your dental health, it can also lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other medical issues. When in doubt, water is the best route!


sugar visual

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So many cavity free smiles!

Young Boy Award

Say hello to yet another cavity free member of the Smile Club!

This adorable little man is our front desk assistant/dental assistant Amanda’s son, Hunter. Hunter is 3 years old and loves to brush his teeth! Also, check out those sweet shades he got out of the treasure chest! 🙂 Good job today Hunter man!

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National Dentist Day with a chance of Oreos…?

Drs. Sergio Nadler & Sheffali Sheth-Nadler, Modern Dental Concepts, Warren, Ohio

March 6th has always been marked “National Dentist Day” here at the office. It is a day where dentists everywhere are recognized for their hard work and dedication to their staff and patients.

This year it has been brought to our attention that this day also coincides with National Oreo Day! What are the odds? We also wonder why National Oreo Day isn’t on January 11 with National Milk Day.

Happy National Dentist/Oreo Day to our very own Dr. Sheth & Dr. Nadler!!

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Another Free Dental Clinic!

Modern Dental Concepts Team

Dental services for those with and without health insurance!

The second of six Access Health Mahoning Valley (AHMV) dental programs was successfully completed February 16th! The next event is scheduled to take place Thursday, March 16th in the evening at the Northside Hospital Dental Clinic in Youngstown.

For more details or to make an appointment please call AHMV at 330-373-0703 and speak to Care Coordinator, Maureen Zamarelli.

Dr. Sheth-Nadler has been a part of AHMV for several years working to create a program that would benefit hard working families in the area that aren’t able to obtain dental coverage. For more information on the program, please click the link below.

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Jammin for Jaden Benefit

Benefit Poster

On Friday, February 10 from 5-8pm the Jurisprudence Organization, a student run non-profit organization at Kent State University at Trumbull, partnered with Rock4Reason, a community run non-profit organization seeking to aid terminally ill cancer patients, hosted a benefit for student Celeste Rogers and her 10 year old son Jaden. Jaden is a 4th grader at JFK  who was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multifome, an aggressive type of brain cancer. The benefit included a pasta dinner and Chinese Auction.

We were so happy to join with the other sponsors listed in hopes of helping to relieve some of the financial burden this illness has put on Jaden’s family. We put together a basket for the Chinese Auction, pictured below, and we wish Jaden and his family courage and strength during this fight.

gift basket for raffel thank you sponsors