CEREC Crowns

Cerec MAchineNearly everybody has tooth damage from time to time and one of the most effective ways to save a damaged tooth is with a dental crown. If you have chipped, broken or severely decayed teeth, a crown can lend strength and stability to the tooth and restore the tooth to its natural look and function.

Crowns are generally made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal and are custom fit to provide the look of your natural teeth. Regardless of the materials used, crowns are tooth-colored and matched to your own teeth, so crowns are never visible when you eat or speak.

What issues might require a dental crown?

Dental crowns are one of the most popular restorative procedures because they can restore a badly damaged tooth to its natural look, feel and function. You may want to consider a crown if you have any of the following issues:
Chipped or cracked teeth
Broken teeth
Teeth that are too small
Teeth with large cavities
Tooth blemishes or stains
Modern Dental Concepts proudly offers the one-visit CEREC crown

It used to be getting a dental crown was a costly, time-consuming process that took countless hours devoted to impressions, fittings and follow-up. But no more!

Thanks to digital technology, the time-consuming task of creating dental crowns has been streamlined and improved. At Modern Dental Concepts, we highly recommend CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) crowns for teeth with decay.

A one-visit crown can not only save you time but save you costs as well. This is because you’re paying for one visit, instead of two. If you’re a CEREC candidate, your ceramic crown will be created right here in our lab and be ready for placement a few hours later.

One visit is all it takes!

Remember when getting a crown was a royal pain? You had to endure numerous visits, messy impressions and numerous hours in the dental chair. No more!

Now we can measure, color match, and have your new crown created right here in our on-site lab. Your new crown will be ready to place, fit, shape and seal all in the same day, and you can eat, drink and go about your daily routine within a matter of hours.

We think you’ll be thrilled with our CEREC crowns – they’re strong, long-lasting and, when well maintained with a combination of professional and at-home care, they can last 10 years or more. Give us a call to set up your CEREC appointment today.

CEREC Crowns In Just One Visit!

CAD/CAM imaging- captures and perfectly duplicates the intricacies of each tooth
Exact match shading and shaping- creates a flawless match to existing teeth with no distracting color variances
Precise measurements are captured by imaging – comfortably accommodating both bite and gum line

Ask if you’re a suitable candidate for a CEREC one-visit crown. Call us at (330) 847-0676 – we’ll be happy to set up your single-day CEREC appointment.